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How to organise the division of labour of garments

By Doriana Dogic

When dealing with the topic of housework, apart from organising the cleaning of the living areas of the house, other tasks emerge that we often struggle to do due to laziness or lack of time. These are the organisation and cleaning of our clothes, such as laundry, ironing, wardrobe maintenance. Here, too, it is possible to organise oneself in a way that does not add to the workload. How? Through a few simple steps.


If there are a lot of people in the household, laundry becomes very complicated if you don’t organise yourself in a way that divides up the work.

  1. The first thing to do when organising your laundry is to sort your clothes by colour, fabric, into different laundry baskets, so that you can more easily find the clothes you want to wash without wasting too much time;
  2. To facilitate the washing process, place the detergents that will be used in the wash in an orderly manner in a cabinet (divide them according to their function: detergent for washing dark clothes, detergent for washing white clothes, detergent for washing coloured clothes, and fabric softener in a different place). This will make it easier to find everything you need;
  3. During the week it would be useful to organise the washing of clothes without having to do a thousand washing machines at the weekend, because doing too many a day is not good for the environment!

Laying out laundry

Once the laundry is finished, it is time to hang it up. A bit of organisation is also required for this task:

  1. Place all the freshly washed laundry in a basket, so that you do not have to go back and forth to get the items from the washing machine;
  2. If you lay out your clothes correctly, i.e. try to iron them with your hands so that they do not dry out with creases, you can avoid ironing them (if not all, at least some);
  3. Finally, it is advisable to hang clothes in an airy room or better still in the open air.

Ironing: what would it be like to do it in front of a film?

When our laundry is dry, some items need to be ironed (shirts, T-shirts, smart trousers). Have you ever thought of doing this in front of a good movie? It might be a good idea to take the work off our hands.

  1. Start with the more complicated items, e.g. shirts, trousers, which require more attention and effort;
  2. Move on to T-shirts and all those garments that require less effort and are easier to iron.

Wardrobe organisation: every garment has its place

It is difficult and challenging to keep your wardrobe tidy, but if you take small, simple steps and get used to keeping it tidy, it will be a breeze! In order to make our wardrobe more organised, it would be useful to sort our clothes according to our own classifications:

  • coloured T-shirts on one side and neutral T-shirts on the other;
  • elegant trousers, used on special occasions, separate from the trousers we use every day;
  • separating our wardrobe from our husband, boyfriend, etc.
  • separating hooded and unhooded sweatshirts.

These are all ideas that can be useful and effective in reorganising your wardrobe. A very special help is given by the organisers, or organizers, which allow us to make our wardrobe more tidy and functional: they can be used to organise underwear, socks, hats, scarves, making our lives much easier!

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