The food preserver!

Some natural remedies to eliminate stains and bad odours

By Federica Galli

Here are three clues, it keeps food at a temperature of between 3° and 4°, it is present in every kitchen and there is a light inside, what is it? The fridge!

Remedies against dirt

Like all household appliances, the refrigerator needs to be cleaned. In order to combat dirt, it is not necessary to use only and exclusively chemical products, but alternative methods can be used that are simple, inexpensive and accessible to everyone. This appliance, being a food preserver, needs to be cleaned at least once a week. Here are some natural products that can help you!

Baking soda

Before starting to clean, the refrigerator shelves must be emptied. Next, take a bowl and fill it with water, preferably lukewarm, and add a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda. Finally, take a cloth and dip it in the basin, and start removing the stains inside. This remedy can also be used to clean the outside of the appliance. Baking soda can also be used to eliminate unpleasant odours inside the refrigerator. It is simple: take an open tray filled with water and bicarbonate of soda and leave it inside for a few hours.


Thanks to the lemon, it is possible to eliminate the most resistant stains inside the refrigerator. First, cut the fruit in half and rub the persistent stain with it. Finally, take a wet cloth and rinse the affected area.

White vinegar

White vinegar is a great product that can be used to clean any household appliance! It cleans and sanitises the surface of your fridge. Pour the white vinegar into a bowl, dip the sponge in it and this is how you will remove the stains inside the appliance. These are simple tips to avoid the constant use of chemicals. It is important to clean the appliance at least once a week to avoid unpleasant odours that can arise from not cleaning.

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