Herbs of the earth and herbs of the sea

Chef Mirko Gatti describes his cuisine

Born in 1981, originally from Como, chef Gatti opened his restaurant, Radici Restaurant in San Fermo della Battaglia, province of Como, in October 2018, after a long and intense career abroad (almost twenty years), in particular between London and Copenhagen, where he grew professionally alongside great international masters such as Jason Atherton or Nuno Mendez.

The chef has gained his experience in some of the most excellent establishments in Europe, such as City Social, Arbutus, Chiltern Firehouse, as well as Relae and Noma. A truly remarkable wealth of experience that has enabled Chef Gatti to develop a unique and innovative project in Como. Radici is the name chosen for the restaurant. A hymn to “roots”, intense as an intense bond with Mother Nature. The chef brings the fruits of the mountains, the lake, the hills and the sea to his dishes. Nature is thus told in all its essence in every course of the chef from Como.

Ingredients and products are processed in the “Test Kitchen”, a veritable laboratory for experimentation. In this “laboratory-restaurant”, the chef and his team experiment with new and different methods, ancestral cooking techniques that bring out the true flavours of the ingredients, including many over an open fire (smoking, cooking over charcoal, under ashes, etc.), and with a large space dedicated to fermentations (miso, koji and kombucha of various types). There is also a large space dedicated to fermentations (miso, koji and various types of kombucha). Just think that inside the kitchen there is a large multi-level grill for BBQ cooking and smoking!

“Mine is a real cuisine made of technique, study and research. It is a cuisine characterised by three cornerstones: fermentation, fire and the use of natural products, both wild and not”, says chef Mirko Gatti. A concrete, ancestral cuisine that respects the natural rhythms of Nature. A zero waste cuisine: there is no waste! This workshop, which is attentive to the various natural habitats, has also created a line of Natural Drinks, natural juices, offered in four references in the restaurant.

The customer has the possibility, after tasting the juices or kombuchas during the tasting course, to buy the natural drinks on site to take home. This is an innovative project of healthy and genuine drinks. You should know that fermented drinks are considered a panacea for our immune system. They are antioxidant and anti-ageing. They also accelerate the metabolism and help regulate the intestine.