The benefits of liquorice

Natural uses of liquorice

By Federica Galli

Liquorice is an aromatic substance used both as a health and beauty remedy.

History Liquorice has been used in medicine since ancient times, especially in traditional Chinese medicine and later in Europe. The benefits of this plant made it a unique product also available in pharmacies. In fact, in the past it was used as a laxative to relieve coughs and asthma. Liquorice is usually harvested in autumn, when the plant has reached three years of age, and the root is separated from the leaves, as the root, the part in which the active principles are concentrated, is dried, while the leaves are picked and are immediately ready for use.

The benefits of liquorice Liquorice has always been an excellent natural remedy for human beings. In fact, it was recognised as Medicinal Plant of the Year a few years ago by WWF expert Susanna Honnef: “Liquorice’s healing properties make it a key component of any natural pharmacy”. Did you know? Liquorice can be used as a digestive, an anti-inflammatory, a remedy for both dry and oily coughs and also against stomach acidity and is an excellent remedy for those suffering from low blood pressure.

Did you know that… … liquorice can also be used as a natural beauty remedy? In fact, liquorice powder is recognised as a cosmetic ingredient for a number of its properties:

  • Antioxidant: excellent for combating skin ageing.
  • Brightening: great for brightening up your skin.
  • Sedative: excellent for sensitive skin.

In addition, liquorice powder can be used as a natural remedy for bad breath. Want to know how? It’s simple, take a bowl, add a spoonful of liquorice powder and your usual toothpaste, mix it all together. Finally, take your toothbrush and brush your teeth, and there you have it. How many benefits a simple plant can give! Did you know?

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