Alkaline coffee, sugar and chocolate

Respectful feeding

By Rocco Palmisano

The effectiveness of a diet that respects the acid-base balance for the body’s well-being is scientifically known. In addition, the positive influence of a diet with an alkalising and antioxidant effect on the body has been scientifically proven.

Benefits obtained by thousands of people using the supplements AlkaWater® AlkaVis® (of which AlkaCoffee®AlkaSugar® AlkaCiock® are its evolution) are also supported by various Italian and foreign scientific studies.

The Redox (redoxomic) balance of the body’s biochemistry is another indispensable factor for mental and physical health and well-being. The body’s Redox balance is maintained by pure air, the intake of fresh, raw food, alkaline, ionised water and drinks charged with molecular hydrogen (H2). There are thousands of scientific studies demonstrating the antioxidant effect of ion and molecular hydrogen enrichment preparations on the body.

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages. It is well known that coffee has negative effects on many sensitive individuals. AlkaCoffee® coffee pod is the first alkaline coffee with a super antioxidant effect that reduces any undesirable effects of coffee.

This is possible because AlkaCoffee® contains a special blend of roasted coffee with selected alkaline minerals. When these minerals come into contact with the water used to prepare the coffee, they develop a powerful anti-radical and energising effect through the enrichment of molecular hydrogen (H2) and negative ions (electrons). It is well known and scientifically proven that negative ions and molecular hydrogen are essential for endocellular and extracellular biological processes. The introduction of negative ions (electrons) and molecular hydrogen into the body through coffee AlkaCoffee® produces a strong antioxidant and energising effect.

The pH of the coffee we use for pods and mocha is 1-1.5 higher than that of normal coffee. As the pH scale is logarithmic, the increase in alkalinity is 10-50 times higher. The pH value changes from blend to blend; however, in any combination we always have a minimum increase of 1 pH point.

The taste of the AlkaCoffee® blend is very pleasant because the alkalising minerals ’round off’ the bitter taste so those who like it sweet can use less sugar.

Those who wish to alkalise their coffee can use our AlkaCoffee® droplet corrector which, due to its specific composition, is classified as an “acidity corrector” with an antioxidant and alkalising effect. The enrichment of negative ions (electrons) and molecular hydrogen produces a strong antioxidant effect, making this product highly beneficial and highly recommended with all drinks that can cause acidity and physiological disorders.

At one time (up to the 1800s) sugar was considered a medicine (drug) rather than, as we know it today, a food, albeit a voluptuous one. Sugar is a necessary element for the functioning of brain cells. In fact, mother’s milk contains 7% sugar (lactose), which is much higher than the 1% protein content.

Every natural food contains sugar; some foods such as fruit and vegetables contain simpler sugars (which are easier for the body to digest and use) while others (vegetables, cereals and pulses) have complex sugars called carbohydrates.

Eating too many foods containing simple sugars can induce glycaemic imbalances in the body that stress the pancreas. Indeed, in today’s society where too many sweets are consumed, diabetes is a widespread disease.

Another symptom linked to excessive sugar consumption (especially through refined carbohydrates, which can contain up to 70% sugar) is obesity, even in children. Obesity is not simply a cosmetic condition but a sign of serious metabolic dysfunction that affects all the other organs and systems: brain, liver, kidneys, heart, bones, etc.

It is a well-known fact that excessive consumption of simple sugars is bad for your health, but unfortunately, even though people are aware of the damage, they continue to abuse them. The reason for this is that they like sugar so much and because they feel energetic and euphoric when they consume it. Unfortunately, this feeling of well-being is temporary, which is why people are tempted to consume more and more sweet foods.

Nowadays, sugar (along with salt) is found in almost all packaged foods. As more and more people use packaged foods, more and more people experience glycemic imbalances, making them increasingly fatigued and functionally inefficient due to chronic metabolic acidosis.

Excess sugar consumption is nowadays the number one cause (along with animal protein consumption) of tissue acidosis. Acidosis is the main cause of inflammation, which is the basis of all diseases. More acidosis, more inflammation, more disease. Acidosis can also affect the nervous system and brain function.

It is virtually impossible to give up the sweet pleasure of today’s confectionery, whether homemade or commercial. This is why we have created an alkaline sugar that can neutralise as far as possible the damage caused by the consumption of industrial sugar, which is very acidifying because it has been refined, i.e. deprived of the alkaline minerals naturally present in the plants from which the sugar is obtained (beet, sugar cane, coconut, etc.).

AlkaSugar® is the first alkaline corrector designed to alkalise any type of sugar. AlkaSugar®, developed by Dr. Rocco Palmisano, can be used to sweeten coffee, herbal teas, milk, pastries, ice cream, etc. in a simple and economical way. In fact, only 0.02 cents is needed to alkalise a dose (5 g) of sugar.

Another essential product in our cupboards is chocolate. Everyone likes it: children, adults and the elderly. Its taste is so satisfying that it is often addictive. Unfortunately, it is also acidifying. We all know by now that acidifying foods are not good for our health.

Dr Rocco Palmisano therefore had to find a solution to make chocolate harmless and even beneficial. In fact, he has adapted his magic formula of coffee and sugar to chocolate with the necessary corrections. With AlkaCiock®, those who experience discomfort when eating normal chocolate (sneezing, throat irritation, heartburn and even nosebleeds) do not experience any unpleasant symptoms, but rather enjoy the chocolate superbly.

So, with the amazing AlkaFood formula (patented), from now on we can manage the pleasure of gluttony without any guilt. Of course, this does not justify overdoing it: sobriety in all our choices should be the first rule for a healthy and therefore happy life.