Role of Alkalising Water and Food in Global Health

Rocco Palmisano

He studied classics in the seminary, cultivating a priestly vocation as well as a medical one.


When his superiors forbade him to undertake medical studies along with theology, he decided to leave the seminary. When he left the seminary, unable to study medicine, he took a shorter route in health care, becoming a medical radiology technician and working in a hospital for 35 years. Since the beginning of 2011 he has been retired, devoting himself full-time to the study and dissemination of primary prevention through books, conferences and private consultations.

Degree in Medical Radiology Techniques, Health Science (USA) and Diploma in Naturopathy and Iridology. He has been involved in prevention and natural cures for 30 years. He has experimented with various dietary approaches (all promising good health and healing abilities) as well as therapeutic fasting and psychic balancing techniques. His critical thinking and keen observation have enabled him to acquire extraordinary preventive and curative health experience using natural methods that are accessible to all.

A pioneer and prophet of alkaline water in Italy, he has edited several books on alternative topics: Reversing Aging by Sang Whang (Macro Editions 2006), The Miracle of Alkaline pH by Robert Young (BIS Editions and CS Sapio 2010), The Alkaline Mediterranean Diet by Rocco Palmisano and Giuseppe Palmisano (CS Sapio and BIS Editions 2015), Atlas of live blood through dark field microscopy by Vlatko Petric (CS Sapio 2016), Analysis of live blood under the microscope by Rocco Palmisano (CS Sapio 2016), Guide to the use of alkaline and/or ionised water by Rocco Palmisano (CS SAPIO 2016).

Melanin the precursor of all life by Arturo Solis Herrera (CS Sapio 2016), The Antacid Approach for Disease Prevention and Treatment by Stefani Fais and Rocco Palmisano (CS SAPIO 2016), Alkalinize and Ionize by Rocco Palmisano (CS SAPIO 2018), The Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald Pollack (CS Sapio 2018), and The Antacid Approach for Disease Prevention and Treatment by Stefano Fais and Rocco Palmisano (CS SAPIO – Macro Editions 2020).