Chef Luigi Coppola rediscovers the authenticity of Cilento

In the heart of Cilento, in an enchanting place, there is a restaurant where you can enjoy the extraordinary experience of travelling back in time through flavours, thanks to the passionate dedication to rediscovering them, to tell them in dishes that are a hymn to the territory and a loving gift to guests: Casa Coloni, the gourmet restaurant of Tenuta Duca Marigliano, an exclusive boutique hotel in Paestum, included in the exclusive collection of travel proposals offered by Dimore D’Epoca..

Under the passionate guidance of chef Luigi Coppola, Casa Coloni is the place where constant research goes back to the oldest tradition, unearthing ingredients, recipes and processing secrets, and sublimating them in the encounter with a contemporary cuisine in which elegant and immediate simplicity is the essence. “My cooking philosophy at Casa Coloni is very much based on constant research: not only into products and raw materials, but above all into technique. The ingredients may be the usual ones, certainly of excellent quality, but if they are combined with each other in different ways and at different times they can make the difference.

My aim is to make guests feel good during their experience at my table”. With the wellbeing of his guests at heart, Chef Coppola is the author of dishes that narrate the Mediterranean territory between land and sea, created to make the most of the best local raw materials. The menu is an opportunity to discover typical products, thanks also to the synergy with local realities at almost zero km: such as the excellence of buffalo milk cheeses from the Cilento dairies, the fish, the pasta made in-house, and the meats proposed recalling ancient traditions, such as the heavy chicken leg cooked under a weight as in the past.

An authentic gastronomic proposal, aware of the value of the products and respectful of the seasonality, listening to nature and what it offers, starting from the estate: in the citrus grove where the fruit comes from, the basis of the exquisite jams, in the garden where the organic vegetables come from, and in the enchanting garden of the estate. Respect for nature is also the source of inspiration for the most recent novelty on the menu: the inclusion of a vegetarian vertical that enhances and celebrates fresh seasonal produce from the estate. An important feature of Casa Coloni is the wood-fired oven.

With Chef Coppola, the art of bread-making is reborn. Experimenting with the best flours, he makes numerous varieties of bread, fried pizza, brioche, cakes and even small pastries in-house: “we pay a lot of attention to the leavened products that accompany our guests from breakfast to dinner. Each product is made with sourdough, obtained by fermenting the skins of our orchard”. This is also where the acorn bread collected from the estate’s garden comes from: an exclusive speciality of the restaurant.


Coppola Luigi was born in Agropoli on 3 January 1984. He attended the R. Virtuoso Hotelier Institute in Salerno, where he graduated in 2002/03. His career path began in 1999 when, while still at school, Luigi started working in the kitchens of Paestum hotels with chef Gerardo Novi. After finishing the hotel management school, Luigi was lucky enough to work in the kitchens of Rome’s capital city, where under the guidance of Agostino Petrosino he strengthened his desire to improve himself more and more.

From 2003 to 2005, in the kitchens of the Crowne Plaza St Peeter’s in Rome, the chef significantly deepened his knowledge and even more so understood what precision and rigour are needed within a working team. From 2005 to 2007, he worked with Chef Fabio Vitale at the restaurant of the Grand Hotel della Minerva in Rome. From 2007 to 2010 he worked as sous chef at the I Sofà di Via Giulia restaurant of the St George Hotel in Rome.

During his time off, Chef Coppola has always invested in his personal training by attending cookery schools and pastry and bread-making courses with great Italian masters. Until 2015 he was the chef at Divina Commedia, a small restaurant in the province of Salerno. Here he was able to experiment and define his idea of cooking. In 2016 he received the call from Tenuta Duca Marigliano, an exclusive boutique hotel in Paestum that was opening that very year. Since then, Luigi Coppola has been the executive chef at Casa Coloni, the gourmet restaurant of Tenuta Duca Marigliano, an exclusive boutique hotel in the Cilento region.

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