Waste-free cuisine by chef Riccardo Escalante

waste-free cooking is the real deal!

Da Flora Restaurant, in Busto Arsizio

The Escalante brothers, Riccardo and Gabriele, work together on a concept of healthy, genuine and local cuisine. The pillars of their gastronomic idea are real km, waste and a “natural gourmet” vision of cooking. We can define their proposal as “ecological” in the sense of respect for the time of Mother Nature, for working in close contact with small farms in the area and beyond, and for attention to waste. Each ingredient is valued in all its essence and nothing is discarded.

Everything is useful, everything is good to be reused in Flora’s kitchen. Flora is therefore the simple and authentic expression of a philosophy of life linked to a genuine diet: a few products, fresh daily, absolutely natural, where the vegetable raw material is the preferred ingredient, alongside meat and fish. A cuisine that is always evolving, expressed in a minimalist menu, ideal for following the climate and making the most of the ingredients that nature provides. New surprises every day. Genuine, healthy, fresh and at the same time innovative dishes, complemented by homemade bread and pasta.

The same approach of dedication to naturalness also applies to the wines: those on Flora’s list are unconventional wines, produced in the most natural way possible, without invasive techniques or alterations. The wines on the menu at Flora are unconventional, produced in the most natural way possible, without invasive techniques or alteration. Small winemakers, carefully selected mainly from all over Italy, but with an eye abroad too: all wineries that, like Flora, favour naturalness and have the value of conscious work at heart. Flora, a gastronomic proposal made up of stories: the story of each dish and its ingredients is closely linked to that of its place of origin and the people who cook or consume it… An ethical and sustainable approach to local cuisine.