In 2005, Erredieffe, Events and Communication Agency, launched the Sapere project. Il Sapore del Sapere, conceived by Rossella de Focatiis, a scientific-cultural and gastronomic event born from the awareness that Knowledge and Taste are united by a subtle bond: both are essential elements of life. Sapere. Il Sapore del Sapere is a journey to be made even without a map, through the regions of experience, where the boundaries between Taste and Knowledge are sometimes so blurred as to become confused. Sapere. Il Sapore del Sapere is dedicated to all those who want to continue to nourish and enjoy the spirit of life.



Journeys to discover the culture of taste. Knowledge. Since 2005, Il Sapore del Sapere has been offering information and training, now also with free online seminars on its Facebook page ( and on Youtube (, which can be accessed from the comfort of home, from any device. So today we continue to reach out to our loyal audience and welcome many new friends interested in learning more about the taste of life and well-being in a modern key, with precious advice from professionals in the fields of health, nutrition, ecology and more…



Journeys of discovery into the culture of taste. Il Sapore del Sapere. Il Sapere is proposed as knowledge and attention to what can enrich life and make us feel good. The meetings of Il Sapore del sapere are held every month in the heart of Milan. These meetings are unique opportunities to get in touch with experts and specialists in the field of nutrition and health, to discover new perspectives together and to explore topics that are increasingly important for our well-being and quality of life.



Journeys of discovery into the culture of taste. Il Sapore del Sapere. Il Sapere is knowledge and attention, but also deepening. The courses organised by Sapere. Il Sapore del Sapere are an opportunity to discuss, together with experts and specialists, the most interesting and topical issues, related not only to food, but also to everything beautiful and positive that can nourish our mind and body. Knowledge. Il Sapore del Sapere (The Taste of Knowledge), an event created for the public, can respond to the needs of everyone, even “insiders”, offering a permanent service of scientific information as well as promoting culture, taste and territory.



Journeys of discovery into the culture of taste. Il Sapore del Sapere.
Il Sapore wants to introduce not only the taste of eating well, but also the joy of taking time to share and savour food. Sapere. Il Sapore del Sapere teaches us that being at the table is not just about eating, but about connecting the throat, head and heart. Knowing how to eat is like knowing how to live and how to taste the flavour of life. Sapere in città is an initiative that combines the expertise of specialists with the creativity of chefs, to put the culture of health, wellbeing and taste “on the tables” of Milan’s restaurants. The partner restaurants of Sapere. Il Sapore del Sapere partner restaurants, famous for their cordiality and excellent cuisine, are also the venue for special cultural initiatives or gastronomic evenings, open to the public, organised in collaboration with our health professionals, who provide valuable contributions. The heart of Sapere. Il Sapore del Sapere is made up of these professionals, doctors, researchers, specialists and experts of national and international renown, who, with enthusiasm and great professionalism, have decided to embark on this journey of discovery.