Driatec has been working in the field of natural and integrated medicine for 20 years, providing instruments and products which help doctors and therapists to direct their treatment in a less invasive, more ecological and more preventative manner, supplying documentation and handouts, organising refresher courses and conferences and offering total availability to the questions and practical needs of its interlocutors.

Driatec products include in particular the Driaton Tester which is used to detect food intolerances, now also available in a practical transportable version; the DSD Mineralogram, which is considered one of the most advanced tools available today for the analysis of toxic minerals and metabolic minerals.

Driatec also produces a range of integration minerals linked to oxiproline, the extraordinary carrier which allows total assimilation of the useful elements, without the risk of oxidation and overload.

Selenium Vitamin C

Selenium supplement Vitamin C has an antioxidant effect on chemical toxins and free radicals. The combination of these two elements is effective in protecting against cardiovascular disease, neoplasia and autoimmune diseases.

Vitamin C complements the protective action of Selenium on the restorative side, promoting wound healing and good function of the supporting structures. Vitamin C also provides the anti-stress supply that helps the body to cope with periods of convalescence and intense physical and mental stress.

Magnesio Mg+

Magnesium, involved in over three hundred enzymatic processes, is one of the body’s great regulators of energy cycles. It is essential for the use of energy, and is required for the function of muscles (including the heart), as well as for the function of the nervous system. Mg+, the Magnesium supplement formulated by Driatec, is bound to oxiproline – the natural amino acid which increases its bioavailability – and therefore has a very high assimilability.

In addition, Mg+ contains no sugars or artificial sweeteners, but we have added lemon flavouring and Fructooligosaccharides to enhance its taste. Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) have a number of interesting properties, they are sweetening without being calorific or raising blood sugar levels, they do not cause tooth decay and are considered to be an insoluble dietary fibre.

FOS are not hydrolysable by human digestive enzymes and are not absorbed by the intestinal mucosa, so they reach the colon unaltered, where they are fermented by the intestinal microflora, increasing the number of bifidobacteria, leading to an improvement in glycaemia and an increase in HDL cholesterol in elderly people.

Oximix Tosse e Gola

Extracts of Echinacea, Erismus and Melaleuca promote the functionality of the respiratory tract, while extracts of Blackcurrant and Thyme promote the wellbeing of the nose and throat. Erismus and Eucalyptus also have an emollient and soothing effect on the oropharyngeal mucosa and promote voice tone, while Oregano and Thyme promote the fluidity of bronchial secretions.

Echinacea extract also supports the body’s natural defences, while Vitamin C, Copper, Selenium and Zinc contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Echinacea extract also supports the body’s natural defences, while Vitamin C, Copper, Selenium and Zinc contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Finally, extracts of Dog Rose and Thyme have antioxidant properties, while Vitamin C, Copper, Manganese and Selenium help protect cells from oxidative stress.

Oximix 4+ Relax

An anti-tension aid, useful in the treatment of: hypertension, anxiety, depression, mood swings, premenstrual syndrome, insomnia, stress and other anxious states. Oximix 4+ is a mineral supplement that directly modulates tension and its various manifestations: from anxiety to hypertension.

Its composition, made up of minerals and phytotherapeutic extracts known for their calming action, is effective in resolving the vicious circle that leads from stress and anxiety to neuromuscular tension and blood pressure imbalances. Magnesium modulates blood pressure and heart rate, Manganese normalises mood-related systems, and Sweet Orange and Hawthorn have a regulating and relaxing effect on mood and on muscular and vascular tension.

Oximix 4+ acts in a completely physiological way on both physical and emotional tension, simultaneously acting on hypertension and anxiety. Oximix 4+ thus makes it possible, in some cases, to rationalise and sometimes reduce the use of antihypertensive drugs, thereby reducing their possible undesirable effects.

Oximix Multi+ Complete

Multimineral, adjuvant in the treatment of psychophysical stress, sporting activity, mineral rebalancing, heavy metal toxicity, menopause, osteoporosis, malabsorption, fatigue, seasonal changes, general regularizer. Oximix Multi+, with its balanced formulation, is a multimineral supplement useful for general body regularisation and mineral rebalancing.

OximixMulti+ is a useful supplement in situations of deficiency or increased need and in situations of stress, both physical and emotional. The minerals contained in this product are almost all oxyprolined and are used by the body according to actual biological needs. As such, the product poses no risk of overloading and can be useful even in nuanced diagnoses and in fragile and overmedicated individuals.

The variation in mineral dosages affects the entire metabolism: Oximix Multi+ is also a useful supplement to accompany other mineral prescriptions to maintain the body’s overall balance.

Oximix MV+

Oximix MV+ is a multimineral vitamin supplement specially formulated to provide all the micronutrients essential for a healthy body. Copper, Selenium, Zinc, Manganese and Vitamins B2, C and E help protect cells from oxidative stress. Iron, copper, selenium, zinc, folic acid and vitamins B6, B12, C and D contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

In order for the minerals and vitamins to be effective, they must be able to enter the cell, which is why no preservatives, sweeteners or other additives have been added to make the body uncomfortable. This makes it possible to take Oximix MV+ even over long periods. In addition, the use of minerals in the form of oxyprolinate salts, or pidolates, ensures greater bioavailability of all the components, thus guaranteeing greater effectiveness.

The 2-capsule dose is only recommended for adults. By halving the dose, it can also be safely taken by children under 3 years of age.

Super Iron +

Iron Super+ is indicated in all cases where the body is deficient in iron, such as in pregnancy, breastfeeding, anorexia, senile malabsorption, haemorrhage, poor diet, alcohol abuse, intense physical activity, rapid growth during childhood and adolescence. Thanks to oxiproline binding, iron is absorbed perfectly without risk of overload or oxidative stress. This particular formulation also acts as a regulator of plasma lipids and antioxidant balance. These results are achieved thanks to the special formula of this product, which contains vitamins and minerals that facilitate normal iron metabolism.

Oximix 2+ Antioxidant

Antioxidant, adjuvant in the treatment of skin ageing (wrinkles, etc.), dermatitis, psoriasis, rhagades, acne, post-herpes lesions, chilblains, support in chemotherapy.

Oximix 2+ is a useful supplement for combating the free radicals responsible for skin ageing. All skin lesions such as wrinkles and reduced skin tone also depend on an increase in free radicals.

Oximix 2+ with its balanced formula acts on two fronts. First of all it incorporates Selenium, Vitamin C, Bilberry and Red Vine, which are important for their antioxidant action. In addition, the Manganese-Copper-Zinc combination boosts the body’s natural antioxidant defences by providing the enzymatic cofactors of the main protective reactions against free radicals. Oxyproline, in synergy with Vitamin C, helps improve skin health by stimulating collagen production, while Lysine helps repair damaged skin tissue.


Depur is a dietary supplement that is useful in assisting the body’s draining and purifying action, indicated in all cases in which an effective detoxifying action is required, such as premenstrual syndrome, alcohol abuse, intense physical effort, prolonged stress, toxic overloads such as smoking or continuous exposure to chemicals, occasional dietary abuse, etc.

Depur, formulated on a natural basis, is useful for supporting and normalising the functions of the excretory system. It helps the liver and kidneys in the process of cleansing the body of internal and external toxins.