We were founded in 2013 with the intention of developing and recreating the harmony of the MAN-NATURE link, with the immediate focus on MAN’S WELL-BEING AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY. We initially invested in the redevelopment of the area, which had been degraded by pollutants and heavy metals and colonised by exotic plants.
Subsequently, we decided to focus on services and products based on the use of special medicinal mushrooms that are able to act on the well-being of both the environment and man.

ENVIRONMENT, WELLBEING and FREEDOM are the basis of our philosophy.

Monitoring, redevelopment and bio-restoration of the environment.
Research projects for the protection of native Italian forests.

Production of medicinal mushrooms and marketing of “Smart FunctionalFood” for human care and well-being.

Creation of mycological botanical gardens aimed at educating children (in the imprinting phase) about the plant world.

Our activities have the precise aim of putting the word wellbeing back at the centre of attention, which must concern not only the self as a person but the self in relation to the environment that surrounds me. Our actions must always take into account the protection of the environment that hosts us and, precisely for these reasons, our aims concern:

COMMUNICATION and dissemination of the importance of mushrooms for man and the environment;
AWARENESS of people for the protection and restoration of Italian nature and the mushrooms that inhabit our woods;
IDENTIFYING and promoting innovative services for mycology and gardening enthusiasts.

As shown in the table, the foods characterised by high vitamin D content are of animal origin: fatty fish, red meat and egg yolk.

In the plant kingdom, MUSHROOMS ARE THE ONLY VITAMIN D SUPPLIERS, in its D2 form.

From the table, it is clear that the IoBoscoVivo Shiitake cultivation method is particularly effective in accumulating vitamin D2. So with just 4.4g of dry Shiitake IoBoscovivo, you get 5mg of vitamin D, equivalent to 100% of the NRV.

(Nutritive Reference Value for an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal).

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