James Cameron and the environmental school

Muse School: vegan school powered by 5 photovoltaic sunflowers

By Doriana Dogic

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world,” said Nelson Mandel.

Knowledge allows us to be free, makes us responsible for our actions and gives us the possibility to choose what is best for us, allows us to have a greater awareness both of ourselves and of what surrounds us. This is why we need to focus more on those places, such as schools, that are concerned with educating young people and giving them different world views, broadening their horizons and teaching them to have greater respect and self-awareness, but which are also concerned with investigating issues that we very much need to know about at the moment, such as the sustainability of our planet. Education is the basis for innovation and thanks to it man can keep up with the evolution of the world, thanks to it he can socialise, he can think and above all he can choose how to live.

Muse School and environmental sustainability

The Muse School located in California is a clear element of cohesion between school-education and environmental sustainability. The innovative element of this school is the presence of photovoltaic sunflowers, which are intended to supply energy to the entire structure, thus allowing the campus to be powered without producing polluting emissions. It is also the first vegan school for children. In addition, it is intended to compensate the school’s energy consumption by between 75 and 90 %, with the aim of achieving 100 % in the future.

Photovoltaic sunflowers

The name Photovoltaic Sunflowers is not accidental: the shape of the panels is reminiscent of a sunflower, which rotates to seek out the sun. So in the same way these panels rotate to produce more energy. There are currently 5 sunflowers in the vicinity of the school, producing 300 kWh per day. A digital dashboard has been installed to monitor not only the amount of energy the panels generate but also the amount of energy the school consumes.

James Cameron and his environmental support

James Cameron was the creator of these tools that have reduced environmental pollution, with the support of his wife, Suzy Amis Came, an environmentalist and founder of the school with her sister. These panels will be included in the school’s science programme, allowing students to learn more about the history and importance behind the panels. James Cameron’s idea of surprising his wife on her birthday by giving her special and unusual flowers was behind the invention of these useful tools. It is important, therefore, to understand that our planet needs to be safeguarded, needs our support and above all needs our respect. The idea of teaching young children to respect the world, so that new generations will already have this strong sense of responsibility, can be a turning point and increase awareness that what surrounds us is precious and therefore must be safeguarded.

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