Prem Rawat

A life devoted to peace

World Peace Ambassador Prem Rawat has dedicated his life to travelling the world to spread an everlasting message. Six decades, one eternal message:

Peace is possible.

Prem Rawat began speaking to people as a peace ambassador when he was just four years old. Devoting his entire life to it, he has managed to reach hundreds of millions of people in more than 100 countries with his message of peace. Peace Education Programme (PEP) Prem Rawat created is presented in the prisons, in war-torn countries, in veterans’ centres and hospitals in more than 80 countries. Whether in South Africa, the United States or elsewhere, The PEP inspired those marginalised by society and war to believe that peace is possible.

Prem Rawat is also a successful writer: loves to collect ancient stories and adapt them to modern audiences. These stories are read by millions of people, inspiring them to make changes in their lives. The Spanish version of his book When the Desert Blooms (Cuando el desierto florece) recently topped Penguin Random House’s list of best-selling Spanish non-fiction books. In Italy, When the desert blooms (2019) is published by BUR Rizzoli, as is the new book due out on 5 May 2020, Learn to listen to yourself. He also holds a pilot’s licence, clocking up over 14,000 hours of flight time, to take his message to every corner of the world. He is also a music lover and composer. Prem is married, has four children, and is now also the grandfather of three grandchildren.

Learn to listen to yourself

By Prem Rawat

A unique book that teaches how to leave the confusion of the world behind and discover the way to inner peace.

In a world that constantly distracts us, how can we listen to our inner music?

That’s what Prem Rawat wants to explain in this book, a real handbook to help us rid our lives of background noise and finally listen to what is inside us, to discover that we already have everything we need.

If the noise of the outside world is added to the brooding of thoughts, it comes to disturb our peace and distances us from ourselves, preventing us from seeing that the peace we so much seek is already within us.

With the usual essential and immediate style, Prem Rawat accompanies us on this journey into our inner self., showing us that the path to take, in reality, is first and foremost towards ourselves. Because, to quote the author,“no one can give you peace, it is something you have to discover with yourself”;and, following his words and the testimony of his life, invites us to set out on this journey towards awareness.

Many will tell you what you are not;
I will help you to find out what you are.
Many will tell you that you should be
in one way rather than another;
I am here to tell you
I am here to tell you that what is inside you is perfect.

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When the desert blooms

By Prem Rawat

Stories that answer a common question: how to face life’s difficulties and learn to love oneself and the world, becoming living embodiments of a new way of conceiving reality?

Quando una lampada viene accesa, non importa quanto sia piccola, possiamo vedere cose che prima erano nascoste dall’oscurità

Nato dalla lunga attività dell’autore come ambasciatore di pace in tutto il mondo, questo libro raccoglie un tesoro di semi preziosi. Racconti che trascendono le culture e i luoghi di provenienza e parlano di cose semplici e quotidiane – formiche, granelli di sabbia, tartarughe – e di persone comuni, ma che contengono un insegnamento prezioso, pronto a fiorire se il lettore si prenderà il tempo di fermarsi a riflettere sul significato profondo di ognuna di esse. Storie che rispondono a una domanda comune: come affrontare le difficoltà della vita e imparare ad amare se stessi e il mondo, diventando incarnazioni viventi di un nuovo modo di concepire la realtà? Perché non esiste pace per il mondo senza la pace con se stessi, né felicità senza comprendere che la prima e fondamentale felicità è quella di sentirsi vivi.